Several institutions have created history. Some institutions are creating history. Adhiparasakthi Educational Medical and Cultural Trust has involved itself in the direction of Spiritual Renaissance and hence has become an important force in social uplift leading to peaceful co-existence. The trust’s motto is ‘One Mother, One Clan’.

The nucleus and force behind this great movement is Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam, where the blessed saint Bangaru Adikalar radiates the great Divine Light in Silence taking the Divine Grace and Blessings of Melmaruvathur Mother Adhiparasakthi. It is no exaggeration to say that more than two and a half crores of people in the world have benefited by coming to this sacred place and the people who visit this sacred place every day being attracted by the ‘sacred peetam’ are innumerable.

‘Spiritual Knowledge’ denotes the efforts taken by an individual to know, to feel and to understand who he is. Conscious understanding of Nature and confidence will alone pave way to peace. The control of five senses, elimination of desire, anger, harsh words and involvement in service with love for humanity, will add greatness to the knowledge of the spirit. Soul force is strength. There is no form and name to the knowledge of the soul.

           Practising humility is a great deed; it is dharma to give and take; endurance is great sacrifice; to forgive erroneous acts denotes great trait. In fact Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Establishment and Trust is a Movement that has made the term ‘spirituality’, which has hitherto been mentioned only in the temple discourses, comprehended. Pure heart, true service, steadfast mind, hard work, perseverance, disinterested devotion, bestowing significance to femininity and love laden life, mark the continuance of Dharma and righteousness. 

A force is required to activate the planets. Similarly, Bangaru Adigalar is the incarnation of Adhiparasakthi existing in human form to activate and channelise the human beings and this has been realised and cherished by many through their personal experiences.

It is obvious that the spiritual ‘guru’ “Amma” has been effecting social, economic and cultural uplift by inducing the spiritual consciousness that is essential for human life, initiating women into spiritual path, enlightening the poor and the simple people in the spiritual way and by transforming the sacred Melmaruvathur into the centre for fostering dharma.

            Science and technology scrutinizes only one aspect of knowledge. It is impossible to understand man’s higher nature, higher qualities, spiritual strength by the science that emphasies the physical comforts of life. The science that has demeaned itself into this narrow-minded view is sending invitation to the boundary of destruction. This has been a critical problem for a very long time. But finding a solution to this problem in today’s environment abounding with animal strength, and destructive forces, is not only essential but also urgent.

           This world and the people who live in it are in fact the result of the evolutionary growth of this vast universe. The harmonious nature of this evolutionary growth and the integrated comprehensive cosmic progress signify the fundamental truth namely the spiritual force and the divine strength. When the people of this world forget this truth and there exists a decadence of spiritual consciousness, there arises a compulsion to instruct the world about the great truth of the cosmic growth and the basis of this life integrated with this growth.

          Mother alone will have more interest in this task! The ‘compassionate light’ that the Mother sheds is the only path for people to take the right path after gaining spiritual consciousness. Shocks get minimised when this cosmos moves harmoniously. Virtue and love function along with compassion. Spiritual love grows. Peace abounds. It is due to Mother’s Divine Grace that this peace, which appears in the present world environment as dream and mirage, could be understood as the spiritual path through this beautiful, famous sacred pilgrimage.

       Melmaruvathur Swayambu (that has come without human intervention) Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam is situated on the Madras-Trichi highway, at a distance of 92kms from Madras.

          Bangaru Adigalar incarnated on 3.3.1941 as the eldest Divine son of Gopal Nayakkar who had been leading a prosperous life in Melmaruvathur. The Mother Adhiparasakthi has chosen Adigalar to manifest Herself through him in order to exhibit to the world by Her divine play or miracles the rise of spirituality. The Mother has already manifested herself on one occasion to Adigalar as a cobra during his childhood days. During another occasion she has quenched his thirst.

           During the festival of a small temple situated in the street where Sri Gopala Nayakkar resided, the school going boy, Bangaru Adigalar, had divine possession. At that time the Mother said, “I shall manifest myself through Bangaru boy and through him eliminate the misery of people; and bestow divine oracle”. Sri Gopala Nayakkar replied that it would be beneficial if she resided in the 20 acre land situated towards the west of the street. The Mother too accepted the offer.

             There was a neem tree in the place where there is now ‘Siddhar Peetam’, the sanctum sanctorium. The milk that dripped down the tree had been tasty. That cured the diseases of many. This milk shedding neem tree got uprooted during the heavy storm that raged on November 27, 1966. The snake pit under the neem tree got dissolved and the ‘Swayambu’ (Manifested Self) appeared beneath the snake pit. That is in fact the ‘swaymabu’ that we worship even today. It is the divine oracle of the Mother that the ‘Swayambu’ has appeared 2000 years ago.

           It is reckoned that this siddhar peetam is the 71st peetam, siddhar forest, among the 108 siddhar peetams. Melmaruvathur ‘siddhar peetam’ is the place where Adhiparasakthi has manifested herself in the human form in the incarnation of Adigalar to relate herself with the spiritual selves and the divine speaks to foster the spiritual devotion.

         Though it appears as a temple in form, it is different in the custom and tradition that it follows. It is a divine ‘peetam’ which showers grace on all with no discrimination of nation, caste, religion and gender. In fact, this ‘peetam’ stands as a force to attract the people of the world and where many gain love for humanity and do several services, taught through the dictum, “service to man is service to god”. The basis for all these happenings is “Mother’s Divine Oracle”. The Divine Oracle is the source and “Adigalar” is the origin.

      The first Divine Oracle was given to a devotee from Achirupakkam at 1a.m. on a Tuesday night in December 1970. Adhiparasakthi is the leader of the ‘siddhars’. Siddhars possess eight ‘siddhis’. They bestowed their oracles by moving from one body to another. We call that which is higher than ‘foretelling’ as ‘Divine Oracle’.

           The Divine Oracle bestowed by the Mother is the teaching of a great Guru. It can be seen in the subsequent chapters. We shall pray to the Mother Adhiparasakthi and the spiritual mentor Thiru Adigalar so that the devotees read them and gain greatness in life.


The World is Mine:

“The world is mine. The force that activates that is Adhiparasakthi. It may be thought that only finger and rope are necessary for the top to spin. Force is essential if the top has to spin. Energy is necessary. You must understand who acts and who activates”.

Beyond Sakthi or Energy:

“There is nothing beyond ‘sakthi’ or soul force. ‘Sakthi’ alone has the nature to achieve”.

“I am that which runs! I am that which breaks! I am the forest! I am the wasteland! I am that which sees. I am also the things which are seen.”

I Tell How Small Deities Worship Me:

“I am the one who can grow tree without the tap root and tertiary roots. I shall even show to some people how all the small deities worship me.”


“I don’t have form. I manifest as atom! Joythi! Flame! Child! Serpent! Lamp! Realised souls (siddhars) and so on”.

I am the Leader of the Realised Souls (siddhars):

“Celestial Gods too have realised souls. Celestial deities too have realised souls. I am the head of the realised beings.”

Do not indulge in Scrutiny!

“Do not indulge in scrutinising me and my ways. They are not accessible to your brain”.

Divine Oracle in Tamil:

“Tamil soil has motherly love! This is the soil that trusts Nature! Hence, my son, in this soil I deliver my Divine Oracle in Tamil”.

Divine Oracle:

“The mother bird searches and provides food to her offspring. But when the chick starts flying, flapping its wings, the mother bird does not find food for the chick. Mother’s divine oracle will exist until man starts flying, flapping his wings in the spiritual world.”

Like telling a Child…

“I am teaching you each and every aspect like a mother affectionately bathing, dressing and feeding her child. It is upto you to understand this and indulge in service. Do not miss the chance that has come to you”.

The Words I Utter:

“It is your responsibility to guard against my words getting vanished in the air. It is your duty to see that they do not become useless”.

Keeping One Matter in the Mind and Revealing the Opposite Outside:

“After hearing my Divine Oracle, do not keep one matter in your mind and reveal the opposite outside”.

To those who have Surrendered to Me:

“To those devotees who have trusted and surrendered to me whole-heartedly, there is no necessity for seeing horoscopes, astrological predictions, “Nadi astrology”. There will not be any benefit from them.”

I Create Distrust:

“My son! I think that certain persons should not come here. I feel that they should definitely experience the fruits of their Karma (deeds of their previous life) . What means can I adopt to achieve that? The only way to achieve that is to prevent them from coming to the Mother! If they come to the Mother, step on Mother’s soil, I have to give the boon for that! The only way to prevent them from gaining the boon, is to prevent them from coming here. Listen, my son, people who come this way do not come on the basis of spirituality! People who come on the basis of spirituality do not come desiring anything else. So there is no need for driving them away. People who come only with an intention of gaining something in return as profit will stop coming here immediately if that profit is made available to them now. For this reason I shatter their belief by declaring something which will not happen as something which will happen”.

All Religions will Land Here:

“All religions in the world will come and join here. The rivers born elsewhere merge into the sea. In the same way my children belonging to various religions will reach this Sanctum Sanctorium”.

The Significance of Melmaruvathur:

“You are saved from many dangers by your visits to this temple often. The total reward for coming here will definitely be gained if meditation is done here.”

Melmaruvathur Soil and Spiritual Awareness:

“The very day on which a person has set his foot on Melmaruvathur signifies that he has been gaining spiritual knowledge. This knowledge will grow as he keeps setting his foot on this soil.”

Melmaruvathur Soil:

“There is suitable reward for the mere setting of one’s foot on this soil.”

About Melmaruvathur…

“This place is like an open space. Here there is no room for narrow mindedness. There should never arise discrimination among human species. You listen to my Divine Oracle only because of the merits you have gained in the previous birth”.

The World of Maruvathur:

“An atom can be divided. What will happen if the nucleus inside the atom is divided? The human species itself will get destroyed. An alternative world is necessary to save the nucleus of this world. This Maruvathur world is essential for that.”

The Spirituality of Melmaruvathur:

“Other spiritual places give importance to gold and money. Understand that there is no other place which helps in the divine and spiritual progress.”


“However deep a well is dug, the well will get filled with water, only when there is rain. It is not enough if you go to the worshipping centre several times. One should come here often to this temple.”

Adigalar and Maruvathur:

“Spirituality, discipline, virtue, calmness, sense of responsibility, peace can be gained only in Maruvathur soil. This Maruvathur soil gains fame only because of Adigalar!”

I do not have Desire and Hatred:

“Even if he has committed several mistakes, he is also my son. Among the sons I have given birth, there is a murderer, a drunkard, a smuggler, illicit trader, a gnani (wise person), a learned man. All these are my children. Among my sons I do not have love for one and hatred for another. It is not my intention to love one just because he is a sage and hate another one because he is a murderer”.

I Accept All:

“No one has the right to say as to who is entitled to come here and who is not. However bad a child may be, it will come in search of its mother. No one has the right to stop the child. I also accept the person who comes secretly to see me after delivering in his discourse that I do not exist. I do not have likes and dislikes towards anyone.”

Why do I give positions?

“The positions I give here to a person is not based on his degree, educational competence, wealth and position in life, my son! It is in fact based on the merit he has gained in his previous birth”.

The Significance of Melmaruvathur:

“Here alone you will gain peace. You will find a means for gaining food. You will get sleep. Do you know why? It is because I have come here! Why do you roam here and there instead of taking efforts to grasp me with determination? It is like keeping the butter in hand and roaming about to get ghee!”

Why is Adhiparasakthi temple alone is the best?

“Compared to all other temples this Adhiparasakthi temple is the best. Here alone Adigalar, my incarnation, is residing. Here alone prayer is offered to the five elements. Here alone women are given importance. It should not be thought that this is the place where food is served for the poor and the simple and lodging facility for travellers. This temple is meant for moderating your consciousness, inner instincts and allowing truth to foster in your mind. Festivals conducted here are for that purpose”.

Tree of Guidance:

“Only if the tree of guidance is located in a suitable place, it will be able to guide others. If you transfer that to your house, will it be of guidance to others? I have come as a tree of guidance to all. Isn’t it true that I have to be in the suitable place to be able to guide all? I am not the individual property of anyone”.

Guru’s Guidance:

“Spirituality alone can take you across ‘samsara’ to the shore of God. Each one goes in search of a teacher. Teacher is essential for spirituality to foster, in the same way as palm sprout is essential for the growth of a coconut tree. A man can gain spiritual growth only with the guidance of a teacher. The time will come when it will be said with pride that we had been living during the time of Adigalar.”

All for Play:

“Why should there be earth, sky, water, fire and air? Is this world essential? All are play. There will only be trials and tribulations in human life if the five elements are not worshipped”.

Don’t Discuss the Past Story!

“Do not speak of the past events in the field of spirituality! Explain to the world what happens, what is happening and the novel events that I have been bringing forth. Practice recalling them often”.

Pleas for World Welfare:

“Pleas for the welfare of the world should come from you all. You should not expect that it should be told either by me or by Adigalar”.

Adhiparasakthi is the Nucleus of Everything:

“There are male and female species in all objects of Nature, like the Sun, the moon, the earth, the air, the sky, tree, plant, climber, fly and ant. All of them have nucleus. That nucleus is Adhiparasakthi!

Here alone is Sakthi!

Dharma is that which will never get destroyed. Sakthi is that which will attract everyone! That Sakthi is here alone.”

Who Am I?

“The truth revealing the answer to the question ‘who I am’ should not get manifested. In case it gets manifested, you shall grasp and cling to me easily. You shall gain realisation and liberation easily. Hence I divert your attention ‘now and then’ by creating in you ‘a mind and a desire’.

You surrender to me totally and whole-heartedly. You keep doing service with conscious love and sincerity”.

Is it Possible to do Everything Just by Sitting?

“Amma keeps on saying the words ‘spirituality, spirituality’. We all keep singing ‘Minnum Puvikkellam’ (To the whole shining earth). Amma descends! Amma’s physical self shows movement. Amma shows ‘Cin Mudra’ (Chinmudra). Takes neem leaves in her hands. Shows camphor. Walks like a swan. Walks like a peacock. Picks and flings neem leaf.

“Is not Amma God? Can’t she get everything brought to the place where she sits?” These thoughts may flash in your mind. Any atom has its value and use only if it has movement. If that movement is not there, there will only be destruction. While even the most minut atom requires a movement, that movement should reach the soul. There is creativity only because of movement. If there is no movement there is destruction!”